For Immediate Release: Doc Daniels attacked; Emergency Surgery needed

For Immediate Release:
Doc Daniels attacked; Emergency Surgery needed
David Wolfe, LVN

On Tuesday, January 20th, WXWC4’s Doc Daniels was leaving the WXWC4 offices, located in Allentown, Pa., when he was brutally attacked. When WXWC4 color announcer The Bald Guy discovered him, emergency medical services were called. He was immediately air lifted to an undisclosed medical facility in Philadelphia, Pa.  At the time of this press release, there has been no official statement on the medical location but an unconfirmed source does state that the surgery took place at Thomas Jefferson Medical Center to repair severely severed muscle and tendon damage to his right arm.

The attack occurred late in the evening when he was finishing up meetings with The Bald Guy. Upon leaving the offices, he discovered Doc Daniels, who had announced that he had been attacked outside the office, reeling in pain and clutching his arm, and called for medical assistance immediately.

“Personally, I think that this is one of those cases where fantasy and reality has crossed that blurred line, which is very common in the business of professional wrestling” the Bald Guy stated when interviewed. He continued, “As it stands right now, Doc Daniels is currently the commissioner of WXWC4 which means he is more or less running the show and is currently looking for financial backing to purchase the group from WWE Legend, the Great Samu, Samu Anoa’i.”

“There has been a lot of tension between the 2 men in front of and more so, behind the camera. The whole problem, in my opinion, is that Doc Daniels is trying to purchase the WXWC4 which has been family owned, by the Anoa’i family, for more than 20 years.”

Any attempt to reach personnel at the WXWC4 offices has gone unanswered.

When reaching Samu Anoa’i, he stated “I have no response at this time but may have a formal response in the near future”. He also stated “Sometimes in life when an animal is injured, it is best to put it down”.

Attempts to reach other members of the Anoa’i family have been unsuccessful.

Flowers, cards and well wishes can be sent to Doc Daniels care of the WXWC4 offices.

We will certainly have an update to this situation, as more information is made available.