Extreme Rising/Philly fans…show got canceled?

Wrestling fans…
Were you planning on attending the EXTREME RISING event in Philly?

And you know the event got canceled?
That sucks. For them but not for YOU!

 Here’s something that you didn’t know!

 WXWC4’s MARCH MADNESS is still going down at the
Mountainville Memorial Hall
1814 S. 5th St., Allentown, Pa.
If you bring your ticket to the canceled Extreme Rising show,
WXWC4 will give you $5 off the cost of our event
You will get to experience something that you will NEVER get
To experience again!

 The return of WWE Hall of Fame member AFA, THE WILD SAMOAN
Getting into the ring for action marking a first time event…
3 generations of the Samoan Dynasty
in the ring…
in action…
for the FIRST and LAST time

 So bring the canceled ticket for that other show…
Get $5 off a WXWC4 ticket…
And be a part of

 Entry @ 6:30 with general autograph and photo session from 6:30 – 7 with a bell time of 7:30.
All photos, taken with personal device or purchased, are $10—Don’t miss this ONE TIME Opportunity to get a photo of 3 Generations of Samoans together!

WXWC4 Nation..are you ready?

WXWC4 nation…are you ready for all hell to break loose at MARCH MADNESS?
The wait is almost over for one of the most highly anticipated shows in WXWC4 history!

The tag titles are on the line as the EXERGUYS look to finalize their campaign for gold by taking on the current WXWC4 Champions, FIRST CLASS

There is a 10 man over the top rope battle royal

Bo Nekoda is in the house

We are seeing the return of Supreme Lee Great to the house of WXWC4 to take on long time rival Smooth Tommy Suede

The Diamond Division Championship is also on the line as current Champion Niya will defend her title against #1 contender Kacee

And then the big one…
This match that has been brewing for a long time and is going to culminate Saturday night as we see the return of WWE Hall of Famer Afa, the Wild Samoan as he joins up with his family—the Great Samu, Lloyd, Afa, Jr. and his grandson and current WXWC4 champion Lance to complete the Samoan Dynasty and take on the brotherhood of Mustafa Aziz, AC Anderson, Havoc, Eric Cobian and the 187 himself Homicide.

WXWC4 Nation, wrestling fans…

You don’t want to miss this show

And it all takes place at the home for WXWC4—

The Mountainville memorial hall located @ 1814 S. 5th st., Allentown, pa.

Doors open at 630 for VIP ticket holders, 7pm for general admission seating

All hell is breaking loose at March Madness and WXWC4


WXWC4 nation…
Don’t let this winter weather get you down!

Remember that in just a few short weeks, Saturday, March 1st, 2014, the Lehigh Valley and wrestling world alike will heat up as WXWC4’s MARCH MADNESS takes place at their home location at the Mountainville Memorial Hall, 1814 S. 5th St, Allentown, Pa. 18103

WWE Legend and Hall of Fame member, Afa, the WILD SAMOAN makes his return to the ring on this very special night to stand by his family and this event will mark a FIRST for the wrestling world…

3 Generations of Samoans..in the ring..fighting for the rite and their family.

Nation, you know that there has been bad blood between WXWC4’s “Great” Samu Anoa’i and WXWC4’s commissioner Doc Daniels.

We have heard from WXWC4 Champion Lance Anoa’i, AC Anderson and WXWC4’s Havoc in regards to events that have taken place on February 1st in Allentown, “The Calm before the Storm”.

Nation, the following questions now stand…

Why have we NOT heard from the Great Samu or other members of the Anoa’i family, La Smooth and Afa, Jr.?

Why have we NOT heard from Commissioner Doc Daniels, Bald Guy or other members of the commission?

And lastly…

What will AFA, THE WILD SAMOAN say when he arrives? To his family? To the commission? Is he ready for battle?

If you haven’t seen the statements made by Champion Lance Anoa’i, AC Anderson or Havoc, you can see them EXCLUSIVELY on our website wxwc4.com!

Don’t miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME regrouping of one of wrestling’s strongest family, The Samoans, 3 generations, get ready to band together to face the Commission in a battle, for it all?

for all WXWC4’s Mountainville Event’s can be purchased at Anastasi’s Pizza 757 St Johns St., Allentown.

VIP Tickets: $20
*Early entry @ 6 for a SPECIAL Meet and Greet

General Admission: $15
*Entry @ 6:30 with general autograph and photo session till 7.
All photos, taken with personal device or purchased, are $10
Don’t miss this ONE TIME Opportunity to get a photo of 3 Generations of Samoans together!