WXWC4 is always excited to work with the members of our community to help better the lives of all our neighbors. We take pride in our fundraising efforts and have partnered in the past with dozens of charities, churches, social clubs, community service groups, fire companies, police stations, and schools. To be able to provide quality entertainment to our friends and community members and at the same time give back to our neighborhoods is a blessing and an honor.

There are currently two community outreach fundraising programs offered by WXWC4:

We offer a portion of the proceeds from each ticket your organization sells to one of our events as our way of saying thank you for helping our community. Your group purchases a block of tickets at a discounted rate to sell. Your group then sells those tickets to individuals in your community at the full face value and your group is able to keep the remainder. This is a great low risk option to help generate funds each month you chose to participate. (Great for youth groups, sporting teams, church groups, etc.)

You completely host the show. We bring everything needed to put on a high quality professional wrestling entertainment event including our state of the art light and sound display, the ring, the set, the wrestlers, and the state mandated paperwork and licensing. You are responsible for providing the venue, promoting the event, and selling the tickets. We have several pricing packages available to cover a variety of scenarios. This is a high risk high reward option as you can not only benefit from the ticket sales, but from the food concessions as well! (Has worked very well for schools, fire halls, universities, etc.)

As with all other fundraising options, it takes a strong partnership to pull off a successful event. We will walk you through everything needed to make your fundraiser a success with our name planted firmly behind it.


We want to help you succeed. For more information, please email