The Battle has begun…

The Battle has begun as the return of JOHNNY VEGAS has certainly been a thorn into the side of The Administration’s Talent Executive Scott Matthews.

These gentleman were both certainly on the prowl the night of April 12th, 2014 as WXWC4 was hosting another great event in Allentown, Pa. and both men decided that they were going to start scouting talent.

“The Goods” Travis Dorian and The British Wolf were the hot prospects of the evening…Be sure to check out the videos below:



WXWC4 would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to our Diamond Division Champion Niya who collected yet another title, the WSU Spirit title! Niya, you are proof that you can do anything that you put your mind to. We here at the WSTC and WXW-C4 are proud of you and all you have accomplished! We love you girl and keep up the positive work!