BREAKING NEWS: The storm IS COMING March 1st, 2014

Well WXWC4 Nation…

the gauntlet has been thrown down tonight at “The Calm before the Storm” in Moutainville, home of WXWC4, in Allentown, Pa.

Announced for MARCH 1ST, 2014:
10 Man Tag Team Match
The Samoan Dynasty: WXWC4 Champion Lance Anoa’i, The Great Samu, LA Smooth, Afa Jr. and the WWE Hall of Fame member AFA, THE WILD SAMOAN
will take on
The Daniel’s Administration: Havoc, Eric Cobian, AC Anderson, Mustafa Aziz and a 5th opponent that the administration has yet to announce!

DO NOT wait till the last minute to decide to come to this show as the February 1st show was STANDING ROOM ONLY!
And you certainly DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!