WXWC4 Nation..are you ready?

WXWC4 nation…are you ready for all hell to break loose at MARCH MADNESS?
The wait is almost over for one of the most highly anticipated shows in WXWC4 history!

The tag titles are on the line as the EXERGUYS look to finalize their campaign for gold by taking on the current WXWC4 Champions, FIRST CLASS

There is a 10 man over the top rope battle royal

Bo Nekoda is in the house

We are seeing the return of Supreme Lee Great to the house of WXWC4 to take on long time rival Smooth Tommy Suede

The Diamond Division Championship is also on the line as current Champion Niya will defend her title against #1 contender Kacee

And then the big one…
This match that has been brewing for a long time and is going to culminate Saturday night as we see the return of WWE Hall of Famer Afa, the Wild Samoan as he joins up with his family—the Great Samu, Lloyd, Afa, Jr. and his grandson and current WXWC4 champion Lance to complete the Samoan Dynasty and take on the brotherhood of Mustafa Aziz, AC Anderson, Havoc, Eric Cobian and the 187 himself Homicide.

WXWC4 Nation, wrestling fans…

You don’t want to miss this show

And it all takes place at the home for WXWC4—

The Mountainville memorial hall located @ 1814 S. 5th st., Allentown, pa.

Doors open at 630 for VIP ticket holders, 7pm for general admission seating

All hell is breaking loose at March Madness and WXWC4

BREAKING NEWS: The storm IS COMING March 1st, 2014

Well WXWC4 Nation…

the gauntlet has been thrown down tonight at “The Calm before the Storm” in Moutainville, home of WXWC4, in Allentown, Pa.

Announced for MARCH 1ST, 2014:
10 Man Tag Team Match
The Samoan Dynasty: WXWC4 Champion Lance Anoa’i, The Great Samu, LA Smooth, Afa Jr. and the WWE Hall of Fame member AFA, THE WILD SAMOAN
will take on
The Daniel’s Administration: Havoc, Eric Cobian, AC Anderson, Mustafa Aziz and a 5th opponent that the administration has yet to announce!

DO NOT wait till the last minute to decide to come to this show as the February 1st show was STANDING ROOM ONLY!
And you certainly DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!