Well WXWC4 Nation and Wrestling fans…
Here it is! Your chance to own HISTORY IN THE MAKING!


WXWC4′s MARCH MADNESS was the first, last and ONLY time that there were 3 generations of Samoan’s in the ring, at the same time…seeking to get revenge and have a little fun at the expense of the Daniel’s Commission!

WWE Hall of Fame member and legend Afa, the Wild Samoan, joined by his son’s Samu, LA Smooth, Afa Jr.,  and grandson Lance to see action against Havoc, AC Anderson, Eric Cobian, Mustafa Aziz and Homicide, accompanied by Administration Head Doc Daniels with The Bald Guy and Scott Mathews.

Also on this great night of STANDING ROOM ONLY action, we saw:
Tag Team Champions First Class defend their titles against the Exerguys

A BATTLE ROYAL for a chance at the WXWC4 TV title

Tommy Suede & Supreme Lee Great, w/Johnny Vegas

Hybrid Champion Bo Nekoda, w/Shawn Credle defends his title against opponent Jay Freddie

Diamond Division and TV Champion Niya defends BOTH titles in 2 separate matches

A 6 man lucha style scramble match

Well, the results from MARCH MADNESS are in…

WXWC4 Nation…
What did we tell ya?
All HELL BROKE LOOSE Saturday, March 1st, in Allentown at WXWC4’s MARCH MADNESS!

If you didn’t attend this show, you missed one crazy night of wrestling action, a STANDING ROOM ONLY crowd…and THE SAMOAN DYNASTY, 3 generations, a grandfather, his son and grandson in the ring for one time and one time only in wrestling history event in the making.

Here we go nation…Quick and easy:

ExerGuys, JP & M3, beat Tag Team Champions First Class, Kevin “The Man” Graham & Punisher Van Slyke by DQ when BYOB, The Mastodon & The Dynamic Sensation, returned and interfered to stop the ExerGuys from using their shake weight…

“Cinema” Stevie Shields won a battle royal for a TV Title shot later in the night

Tommy Suede & Supreme Lee Great, w/Johnny Vegas, put on a stellar performance in the old school WXWC4 style as only these 2 ring generals could perform with Smooth Tommy Suede coming off with a win for the night!

Hybrid Champion Bo Nekoda, w/Shawn Credle, walked away victorious maintaining his WXWC4 championship, in a very impressive match with Jay Freddie.

Eddie Bandido Jr pinned Joey Janela in a fast paced, well executed match

In a 6 man lucha style scramble match, BLK JEEZ (Sabian) picked up the win and an opportunity to select his own TITLE shot at a future WXWC4 event. Which title will it be and who will be the defending champion? This was a high flying match that included participants such as Mark Maverick, Kyle Reynolds and a surprising return of east coast’s own Jay Busta.

TV Champion Niya pinned Stevie Shields, then was informed by Commissioner Doc Daniels that she had to defend her Diamond Division Title as well, and lost the belt in an immediate match against Kacee Carlisle. After the match, Kacee put a beating on former champion Niya and busted her wide open with her own for championship belt.  This is a battle in the making Nation…You can count on that.

In the history-making main event, Afa The Wild Samoan, The Great Samu, The Sons of Samoa, LA Smooth & Afa Jr., and Heavyweight Champion Lance Anoa’i defeated Eric Cobian, Havoc, AC Anderson, Mustafa Aziz & Homicide, with Doc Daniels & The Bald Guy.

But it wasn’t over from there, oh hell no it wasn’t. Commissioner Doc Daniels jumped in to make the save on Havoc from getting an old style Samoan ass kicking from the head of the Samoan Dynasty itself and found himself on the receiving end of one hell of a head butt from Afa, Sr.  BUT Nation…it STILL wasn’t over. The FULL Samoan Dynasty got Daniels back to his feet and gave him a 5 man, Samoan style lesson in respect.

Afterwards, Afa Sr. thanked the fans and announced his retirement in an emotional farewell to end the night

Wrestling fans…

If you missed this event, do NOT miss the opportunity to own it on DVD. Do not miss the opportunity to own a part of history that has already been made with the 3 generations of Samoans, the Samoan Dynasty, facing action, in the ring, in this One and ONLY EVER event.

And you don’t have to!

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Keep it real WXWC4 Nation and be sure to watch our Facebook and website, WXWC4.com , for more information on these and upcoming WXWC4 events!


Extreme Rising/Philly fans…show got canceled?

Wrestling fans…
Were you planning on attending the EXTREME RISING event in Philly?

And you know the event got canceled?
That sucks. For them but not for YOU!

 Here’s something that you didn’t know!

 WXWC4’s MARCH MADNESS is still going down at the
Mountainville Memorial Hall
1814 S. 5th St., Allentown, Pa.
If you bring your ticket to the canceled Extreme Rising show,
WXWC4 will give you $5 off the cost of our event
You will get to experience something that you will NEVER get
To experience again!

 The return of WWE Hall of Fame member AFA, THE WILD SAMOAN
Getting into the ring for action marking a first time event…
3 generations of the Samoan Dynasty
in the ring…
in action…
for the FIRST and LAST time

 So bring the canceled ticket for that other show…
Get $5 off a WXWC4 ticket…
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 Entry @ 6:30 with general autograph and photo session from 6:30 – 7 with a bell time of 7:30.
All photos, taken with personal device or purchased, are $10—Don’t miss this ONE TIME Opportunity to get a photo of 3 Generations of Samoans together!


WXWC4 nation…
Don’t let this winter weather get you down!

Remember that in just a few short weeks, Saturday, March 1st, 2014, the Lehigh Valley and wrestling world alike will heat up as WXWC4’s MARCH MADNESS takes place at their home location at the Mountainville Memorial Hall, 1814 S. 5th St, Allentown, Pa. 18103

WWE Legend and Hall of Fame member, Afa, the WILD SAMOAN makes his return to the ring on this very special night to stand by his family and this event will mark a FIRST for the wrestling world…

3 Generations of Samoans..in the ring..fighting for the rite and their family.

Nation, you know that there has been bad blood between WXWC4’s “Great” Samu Anoa’i and WXWC4’s commissioner Doc Daniels.

We have heard from WXWC4 Champion Lance Anoa’i, AC Anderson and WXWC4’s Havoc in regards to events that have taken place on February 1st in Allentown, “The Calm before the Storm”.

Nation, the following questions now stand…

Why have we NOT heard from the Great Samu or other members of the Anoa’i family, La Smooth and Afa, Jr.?

Why have we NOT heard from Commissioner Doc Daniels, Bald Guy or other members of the commission?

And lastly…

What will AFA, THE WILD SAMOAN say when he arrives? To his family? To the commission? Is he ready for battle?

If you haven’t seen the statements made by Champion Lance Anoa’i, AC Anderson or Havoc, you can see them EXCLUSIVELY on our website wxwc4.com!

Don’t miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME regrouping of one of wrestling’s strongest family, The Samoans, 3 generations, get ready to band together to face the Commission in a battle, for it all?

for all WXWC4’s Mountainville Event’s can be purchased at Anastasi’s Pizza 757 St Johns St., Allentown.

VIP Tickets: $20
*Early entry @ 6 for a SPECIAL Meet and Greet

General Admission: $15
*Entry @ 6:30 with general autograph and photo session till 7.
All photos, taken with personal device or purchased, are $10
Don’t miss this ONE TIME Opportunity to get a photo of 3 Generations of Samoans together!