The Anoa’i Dynasty to host a 3 Generation training seminar!

WXWC4 is proud to announce that we will be holding a training seminar on Saturday, March 1st at 1:30 pm., est. before our BLASTV live event, MARCH MADNESS!

WWE Hall of Fame Member and former WWE Tag Team Champion Afa, the Wild Samoan and former WWE Tag Team Champion The Great Samu will be hosting this event.

With over 50 years of combined ring experience, this is a one-time opportunity for wrestlers, individual and tag teams, men and women, referees and commentators to take part in a very special training seminar where you will learn the art ring psychology, promo’s, crowd psychology, how to properly work live televised events and so much more!

The history of the Anoa’i Dynasty speaks for itself!

Having worked for WWE for a great number of years, both Afa and Samu know what the WWE is looking for as far as talent! Wouldn’t you like to join the ranks of Batista, Gene Snitsky, Rikishi, Yoko Zuna, John Rambo, Beth Phoenix, Tracy Brooks, Gangrel, the USO’s, Roman Reigns, Umaga, Afa, Jr./Manu, Rosie: Super Hero In Training, Homicide and the list goes on and on!

This event will be held at the Mountainville Memorial Hall and the trainers of this event will be none other than the Anoa’i Dynasty: Afa Sr., Samu, Lloyd, Afa, Jr. and Lance Anoa’i

The cost is as followed:
Training Seminar: $50
Training Seminar and Tryout: $75
If you prefer to just have an open tryout: $75

And the top prospects of the open tryout will participate in a pre-show match before our live event, so we can have footage of you…And who knows, you may be selected to participate in our WXWC4 Blast TV that evening!

WXWC4 Blast TV is seen by THOUSANDS of fans, every week, on Service Electric Cable Television as well Blue Ridge Cable Television. Not to mention being seen WORLDWIDE on our WXWC4 NetCast hosted on our website

Be a part of history in the making…be an active part of YOUR history in the making and don’t let this opportunity slip you by!

WXWC4’s home, Mountainville Memorial Hall, is located at
1814 S. 5th St, Allentown, Pa. 18103
For more information and booking, contact:

A Q&A with “Cinema” Steve Shields

“Cinema” Steve Shields sat down with us here at the WXWC4 Web Development Center for a little 1 on 1…

So on February 1st, you wrestled former WWE Superstar Matt Striker.
How excited were you?
-I was incredibly excited. When I got to Mountainville Memorial Hall that day I had no idea I would be given such a hug opportunity. I was really anxious. I was more excited than I was nervous.

Has this been the first time that you have wrestled someone of his caliber?
– Yes. It was the first time and it surely will not be the last. Wrestling Matt Striker is a very big deal and it will be difficult to top that but I plan on running into many more similar opportunities.

What did you learn from wrestling a professional such as Striker?
– I learned a lot from Matt. I had the great opportunity of being able to sit down with him in the locker room and have a good talk about the ins and outs of wrestling. His intent as a wrestler now is to pass on his knowledge and he told me that he believes I am the future of professional wrestling so he was completely open to sharing his know-how with me.

How do you feel this match will help you in your own wrestling career?
– It’s been only a few short days since I faced Striker and it has already effected my social media popularity. That night I got home from the show, I already had new followers on Twitter and Facebook simply because wrestling (and pinning) Striker. I also feel like it gave me the opportunity to prove myself to the WXWC4 Nation and all the other wrestlers. I am currently the number 1 contender for the Ultimate Hybrid Title and I believe this match has set me up for even more opportunities.

How long have you been a wrestler?
I made my debut winning a match against Bo Nekoda at Mountainville Memorial Hall on May 25th, 2013. A day that happened to be my 19th birthday.

Where have you trained?
– I began my training at the Wild Samoan Training Center under The Great Samu in July 2012. I went in for my try out the same week I graduated from high school and it went very well. I began training with wrestlers such as Lance, Bo Nekoda, Niya, Mickey Valentino, Sargent RJR, AC Anderson, Samu and others. I still go to the training center regularly.

Who in WXWC4 have you set your sights upon for possible future opponents and why?
– The first person that comes to mind is “The Chop Saw Outlaw” Bo Nekoda. At our last show he became the new Ultimate Hybrid Champion. Bo and I have met one another in multiple matches in the short time I have been wrestling at WXWC4. No offense to any of the other great guys I have had the opportunity to wrestle, but Bo is probably my favorite opponent. We take each other to our limits and put on great matches. Now that he is Hybrid Champion, I’m sure our paths will again cross. I would also love to have a match against our WXWC4 Ultimate Heavyweight Champion Lance Anoi’a for obvious reasons.

What are your hopes/plans as far as your future in wrestling?
– One thing Striker told me was to set small goals for yourself. Think big, but pace yourself. Set a goal, accomplish it and then set a bigger goal. I thought that advice was great. My current goal is to capture gold in WXWC4 and I have my sights set on the Ultimate Hybrid Title. Expect to see “The Cinema” Stevie Shields with a belt around his waist in the coming months.

BREAKING NEWS: The storm IS COMING March 1st, 2014

Well WXWC4 Nation…

the gauntlet has been thrown down tonight at “The Calm before the Storm” in Moutainville, home of WXWC4, in Allentown, Pa.

Announced for MARCH 1ST, 2014:
10 Man Tag Team Match
The Samoan Dynasty: WXWC4 Champion Lance Anoa’i, The Great Samu, LA Smooth, Afa Jr. and the WWE Hall of Fame member AFA, THE WILD SAMOAN
will take on
The Daniel’s Administration: Havoc, Eric Cobian, AC Anderson, Mustafa Aziz and a 5th opponent that the administration has yet to announce!

DO NOT wait till the last minute to decide to come to this show as the February 1st show was STANDING ROOM ONLY!
And you certainly DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!