EXCLUSIVE: An interview with WXWC4 Ultimate Heavyweight Champion Lance Anoa’i

WXWC4.com had a chance to sit down with current Ultimate Heavyweight Champion Lance Anoa’i and have him answer some questions about the recent events that have taken place between he and Bo Nekoda.

Q: Let’s start off talking about your relationship with challenger Bo Nekoda. At one time, your good friend and tag-team partner. What happened to generate such hatred between the 2 of you?

A: Me and Bo Nekoda never been good friends!! We were in a feud in 2012 and we got stuck to tag against the tag champs at the time and we ended up winning. So it was never friends as champions he wanted the fame he never had ! It started with him running his mouth how he was undefeated in singles competition so I had to take care of that!

Q: Now, lets talk about this year’s SPORTSFEST. Just a few weeks ago, we saw you and Bo in a hell of a match and then at the end, we saw Bo do something despicable to a member of your family, your sister to be exact. Tell us about that incident. (Please talk about this incident in detail or as much as you can—from YOUR point of view)

A: What Bo did to my family went from business to personal, when I watched it on tape first he blasted me with a chair shot to the head then my dad tried to come check on me and he ended up getting hit with the chair also, then I guess Bo was upset once again he couldn’t get the job done so throwing a tantrum and goes and grabs my sister Samantha Anoa’i, brings her in the ring and hits her with a back stabber and the locker room cleared out. So come this Saturday like I said this just got real personal and Doc thinks he made this a No DQ match to help Bo!! No this match is going to be a one sided fight and believe I’m going to be the one walking out of mountainville and Bo is leaving in a stretcher!!

Q: And how is your sister today?

A: Today my sister is still sore in the ribs! But she is ready to sit ring side and watch me beat the hell out of Bo!!

Q: How has your family dealt with this horrendous attack?

A: My family is ready to fly from all over this country I even have family in Samoa ready to come and attack Bo but I had to stop them all from coming, and told them I have this under control. So Bo you are a hit target in the samoan family!

Q: How has that fueled you in regards to wanting to put an end to this feud once and for all?

A: Like I said before the feud is going to end! This is too personal for business so come this Saturday in Allentown, you won’t here of Bo Nekoda for a while!!

Q: This Saturday, August 9th, in Allentown, Pa., you are facing Bo Nekoda for the first time since SPORTSFEST and that attack. Do you think that you will be able to keep yourself together enough to have an enough focus to perhaps bring this war to an end?

A: The only thing that is going to keep me focused is my sister sitting in the front row watching me beat the living hell out of him! So yes this war is coming to a end!

Q: Has this shaken your confidence, or your focus, to maintain the WXWC4 Ultimate Heavyweight title?

A: No it has not shaken me up, it just got me mad and I’m ready to take it out on someone and that someone will be Bo this Saturday in Allentown and I will still be walking out the Wxw ultimate heavyweight champion!!!