HUGE news for the C4 Nation AND Mike Valentino

11733241_10153549068507147_1842659096_nFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Change to WXWC4 Xperience card scheduled for July 12th in Allentown, Pa.

C4 Nation…there has been a HUGE update to the card for the C4 XPERIENCE in Allentown, Pa. July 12th!

C4 Veteran Mike Valentino was originally scheduled to face former WWE/ECW superstar Tommy Dreamer but due to unexpected schedule circumstances, Tommy Dreamer had to step back from facing Valentino.

“He knew what he was in for. I am sure he scouted and watched my matches and realized that maybe in his day, he might have had a chance but today, Dreamer realized he couldn’t hang with me, Mike Valentino, in that squared circle” says Mr. Valentino when asked about the cancellation of his match.

But…we have learned that the booking office of C4 has stepped up to the plate to bring in an equally talented, possibly stronger combatant for Mike Valentino.  And that would be RHINO!

WWE Superstar RHINO, coming off a fresh run with NXT, is scheduled to appear in place of Tommy Dreamer at the C4 XPERIENCE in Allentown, Pa., Sunday, July 12th.

We reached out for comment and got word from the Great Samu, Owner and CEO of WXWC4:

“We here at C4 always strive to bring our fans the very best of talent and competition with their C4 XPERIENCE.  When we got word that Dreamer had to step out of competition with Valentino, Valentino’s mouth started writing checks…so we decided to bring in someone that would make sure his ass will cover the checks that his mouth has written.  And that is RHINO”.

So far, no comment from Mike Valentino on the replacement opponent for his match up at the C4 XPERIENCE on July 12th. But, we will continue to reach out to him as we’re sure he will have something to say…

with a bell time of 4pm.
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