[toggle title=”See you in 2014 and Happy Holidays to you and yours from WXWC4″] WXWC4 will see you in the New Year, 2014, and we here at WXWC4 hope you all have a safe a HAPPY HOLIDAY Season

    Want to see WXWC4 in your town? Leave a comment below and we’ll look into it!

  • anthony

    should cometo cleveland ohio i have a place for yous

  • anthony

    yep the lady has many openings for u to book a date in cleveland ohio

  • Rob

    Where do you buy tickets for the events? At the events place itself or thru your site?

    • WXWC4BlastTV

      You can buy event tickets at the door of the venue the day of the event.

      Thank you.


    can you PLEASE come to lancaster,pa. it’s not far away? the reason i ask is because me and my wife are partially disabled and traveling is limited. thanks.

  • Claude Henry Smmoott

    The show at the Lakeside Ballroom in Barnesville, PA was GREAT. Come back soon!

  • patrick adams

    come to philadelphia pa,or harrahs phila again.i was at that last show

  • Steven Michael Sykes

    Come to Williamsport, PA . I have lights and PA and we could set up a rock n wrestling show as I am in a kick ass hard rock band called Lazlo’s Closet, and I know lots of bands in this area that fit with WXWC4 theme. I know Johnny Vegas and might be able to find a local sponsor for advertising. I am a promoter, vocalist, stagehand, lighting tech, and all around wresting and MMA fan.


      Steven, we are working on possible date in Williamsport. Keep your eyes on the WXWC4 website for further announcements.

  • anthony

    come to cleveland ohio debut in the place wants yous has plenty of dates open

  • anthony

    yea bring wxw c4 to cleveland ohio for the first time ever

  • patrick adams

    any philadelphia date coming

  • Xtreme Fan

    Hi, may I suggest coming to Pottstown PA. There are two venues where the Premier Wrestling Federation had events held between 2001 & 2004. Academy Hall & The Sunnybrook Ballroom. Academy Hall is a great venue for shows and drawing in decent crowds. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Steve Corino, Justin Credible, Sandman, Tanaka, Mickie James and even Samoa Joe & AJ Styles have all performed there. Great size building for a wrestling show, right next to Route 422 literally and is about the halfway point between Allentown & Philly. Please consider this venue/area for the very near future. Great crowds, good area, and a lot of wrestling fans. Cant go wrong here. Keep us posted. Thanks!!

  • Ryan Whitaker

    Sorry about the event not taking place yesterday at Sportsfest; but whatever the reason, you made the right call. As a member of the C4 Nation, there was no way, and I mean no way, that the wrestlers or the fans could endure the extreme weather.
    Now if you didn’t cancel it entirely, did it take place at Mountainville Memorial. I had tried to find the hall, in the title plaza, which I presume that was where most of the events take place, but I might have been looking in the wrong place.
    I have, for more than the past 10 years, attended your annual gala always enjoying the entertainment. I have never been disappointed at any of them.
    In closing, my favorite wrestler is Lance Anoa’i; and thanks to the great Samu for his uploads of Blast TV.
    Thank you.