The Quickie with Eric Shaffer: Cupid’z Triangle Results

2/7/15 “Cupid’z Triangle”, Allentown, PA:

Jay Freddie was set to hold the C-4 Nation hostage until Ultimate World Heavyweight Champion Alexander James took him up on his challenge, and pinned him in the exciting opener.

Doc Daniels announced that he was rebuilding the Daniels Dynasty brick-by-brick, and wanted British Wolf to be the first “brick”. After a tense discussion, Wolf agreed to join the Dynasty.

In a “battle of the big men”, Nui Tofiga pinned DJ Hyde. The Dub Boys beat Conor Claxton & Bobby Dempsey, while a new manager appeared at ringside scouting them. “Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero & son “Gentleman” Jack Cicero beat Brute Van Slyke & Kevin “The Man” Graham. Ultimate Hybrid Champion “Cinema” Stevie Shields beat Specialist Mike Valentino by DQ when Valentino brought a chair into the ring. Interim Commissioner Maven Bentley called for a falls count anywhere match next month on March 7th. South Philly’s Finest (“The Line” Luca Brazzi & “The Gent” Jimmy Konway) beat The A-Team (“Unbreakable” Andy Harner & Aaron Arbo). In a match for the Diamond Division Championship that was vacated due to Niya being unable to defend the belt, Jenny Rose pinned Deonna Purrazzo to become a 2-time Champion. The British Wolf (w/Doc Daniels) pinned Redneck In a Mask. Maven Bentley announced his upcoming absence due to overseas interests, and named Samu the Interim Interim Commissioner. Lance Anoa’i & Afa Jr beat The Cam-An Connection (Cam Zagami & “All Good” Anthony Greene, with Davienne) in a lumberjack match. As Afa Jr & Lance celebrated, Mike Valentino snuck in with a chair and hit Lance, but blamed it on Stevie Shields, who he claims had an affair with Niya. However, the C-4 Nation stood up and let their voices be heard, telling Afa Jr and Lance that “Mikey did it”, and Afa Jr told Stevie to handle it next month in the falls count anywhere match against Valentino. results credit Eric Shaffer