The Quickie with Eric Shaffer: MELTING POINT

11/1/14 WXW C-4, “Melting Point”, Allentown, PA: 

Sgt. RJR pinned British Wolf.  

Commissioner Doc Daniels said he replaced JL Chico with Havoc in the main event, and that Lance Anoa’i was still suspended. However, Maven Bentley arrived on the scene and told Doc that the State Athletic Commission was investigating Doc, meaning Maven was appointed as interim commissioner. Maven lifted Lance’s suspension and made the main event a no DQ match.

Deonna Purrazzo & Sammi Pandora beat Amber Rodriguez & Taina.

“Cinema” Stevie Shields pinned “The Goods” Travis Dorian (w/The Bald Guy & Doc Daniels).

Nui Tofiga pinned Mustafa Aziz. After the match WXW C4 Champion Bo Nokoda with Shawn Credle..they tried to jump Nui! But Nui saw them…they opted to leave

Muscle & Mayhem (Napalm Bomb & Solo) told Shawn Credle that they didn’t need his help to win the Tag Team Titles, but Credle interfered anyway to help them defeat Factory’s Finest (Clutch Adams & Michael Spanos) for the WXW C-4 Tag Team Titles.

Connor Claxton pinned Brandon Scott with a handful of tights.

Alexander James pinned “The Illusionist” Damian Adams.

In the first shocker of the night, Sgt. Mikey Valentino & Niya’s wedding came to an abrupt halt when Mikey’s vows turned to berating Niya. Concerned groomsmen Sgt RJR & Stevie Shields confronted their longtime friend, who retaliated with an RKO to RJR and a superkick to Shields. Mikey then turned to Niya and clotheslined his would-be-bride and put her through a table to the shock of everyone in attendance! Valentino’s only comments were “mind… blown”, before leaving Niya, who needed medical attention.

Black Wall Street (Chuck Lennox & Drolix) beat South Philly’s Finest (Luca Brazzi & Jimmy Konway).

In the main event, “Bayonne Badass” Dan Maff (with Prof. JL Chico), Havoc (w/Doc Daniels) & Ultimate Heavyweight, Television and Hybrid Champion Bo Nekoda (w/Shawn Credle) defeated Lance Anoai, Afa Jr, and The Great Samu, who was forced into retirement by stipulation agreed on the month before. Samu made an emotional farewell, thanking the fans and his family, before being ceremoniously given the WXW C-4 Heavyweight Championship belt and being lifted onto the shoulders of Muscle & Mayhem. To end things on a positive note, after the ring cleared out, Samu brought out his daughter Samantha and announced to the crowd that he was going to be a proud grandfather, and the Samoan legacy continues!