The Quickie with Eric Shaffer: New Beginnings

10/4, WXW C-4 “New Beginnings”, Allentown, PA:
Commissioner Doc Daniels suspended Lance Anoa’i for putting manager Shawn Credle through a table at last month’s TLC match against Ultimate World Heavyweight Champion Bo Nekoda, resulting in multiple injuries to Credle.

Bo said he was done with the Samoans, but didn’t count on the returning Nui Tofiga to take the fight to him, and they brawled to the back. When Samu came to the ring to question what happened to his son Lance, he was jumped by Dan Maff and Professor JL Chico.

  • In the opening match, Kevin “The Man” Graham pinned Jay Freddie. 
  • The debuting Jordan Ali pinned Sgt. RJR. 
  • South Philly’s Finest (Jimmy Konway & Luca Brazzi) beat The Dub Boys. 
  • “Cinema” Stevie Shields pinned British Wolf, who refused a handshake afterwards. 
  • Nui Tofiga beat Bo Nekoda by DQ after a low blow. Bo took a chair to Nui repeatedly after the bell. 
  • A 3-way match between Frankie Pickard, Conor Claxton and Danger Jameson went to a no contest when an irate Afa Jr stormed the ring and went ballistic over what happened to Samu & Lance earlier. Doc Daniels arrived on the scene with an officer and had Afa Jr handcuffed and taken away after Afa Jr spit on him. 
  • “Benchmark” Bill Daly (w/Buzz Bentley) pinned Alexander James, then announced his intentions to win the Heavyweight Title. 
  • Sgt. Mikey Valentino & Diamond Division Champion Niya invited everyone to their wedding at the November 1st event, and Doc Daniels cryptically asked if they got the present he sent them. 
  • Bodie Williams & Valentino beat Donovan Dijak & “The Goods” Travis Dorian (w/Doc Daniels & The Bald Guy). 
  • “Bayonne Badass” Dan Maff pinned Brute Van Slyke, then continued to work him over afterwards. Samu charged the ring, but was jumped by Maff & Nekoda. Nui & Afa Jr made the save, but Afa Jr was tased by Doc’s security officer and taken out. Samu issued a Team Samoa vs Team Dynasty 3-on-3 challenge for November 1st, and vowed to retire if he doesn’t beat them. In return, if Maff loses, he has to leave WXW C-4 forever.