“The Quickie” with Eric Shaffer

9/6/14, WXW C-4 “A Family Tradition”: Allentown, PA:

  • South Philly’s Finest (Luca Brazzi & Jimmy Konway) beat Jaded Virus (“Jaded Angel” Draven Blaze & “Plague Artist” Justin Henry) by submission.
  • “The Goods” Travis Dorian (w/The Bald Guy) pinned Alverado.
  • On the debut of “Exer Talk”, The Exer Guys (JP & M3) jumped their guests The Punk Rock All Stars (Shaun Cannon & Drake Carter).
  • Afa Jr pinned Cam Zagami.

  • “Cinema” Stevie Shields won a 6-man elimination Champion in the Making qualifying match over British Wolf, Bodie Williams, Tokyo Dragon (w/Rich Rogers), Donovan Dijak and Jamaican Nailer.
  • Donvan Dijak vs. Bodie Williams ended in a double DQ when both men shoved the ref. Bandido Jr. pinned Sgt. Mikey Valentino, with a second referee making the call when guest ref Niya was accidentally kicked by Mikey when Bandido moved out of the way. In the aftermath, Niya yelled to Mikey, “You’re my boyfriend and you kicked me in the head!”, but Mikey appeased the situation by proposing to her, and she accepted!
  • Punk Rock All Stars beat Exer Guys.
  • Ultimate Heavyweight, Television and Hybrid Champion Bo Nekoda (w/Shawn Credle) beat Lance Anoai (w/Samu, Afa Jr & Samantha Anoa’i getting involved) in a tables, ladders and chairs match. However, a small measure of revenge was taken when Lance put Credle through a table.

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