The Word is in…WXWC4 is kicking ass on ROKU!


WXWC4 AND ROKU is very successful in bringing the “C4 Xperience” to the WORLD!

C4 Nation, did you know that YOU are apart of the MOST SUCCESSFUL wrestling show on ROKU? Well, the information is out and YOU ARE!

The administrative office of WXWC4 is proud to announce that they have received word from ROKU that “Each WXWC4 video, showing on ROKU, has hit over 1 MILLION views! A lot of emails have been received at ROKU, on the WXWC4 programming, and wrestling fans around the world are loving it!”

We reached out to Samu Anoa’i, Owner and CEO of WXWC4, and asked him a few questions:

Q: What would you say is the reason for C4’s success on ROKU?
A: Good question. Simply put, people are finally getting a chance to see what WXW-C4 is capable of bringing to the table. Mainly we are based out of Allentown, PA and our local fans are truly amazing. Now with ROKU blowing up and taking us worldwide, the people are getting a chance to watch what they want and we’re just glad that for right now, that’s us, WXWC4.

Q: How does this amazing accomplishment affect the future of C4? What do you hope to see come of this success?
A: WXW-C4 brings action and excitement to all ages. With ROKU taking us worldwide, we’re now looking to entertain the masses. Hopefully one day soon, someone will recognize our potential and provide the sponsors we need so we can hit the road. We can’t wait to show everyone what it is we bring to the table when it comes to old school style, no nonsense wrestling we like to call our brand the “WXW-C4 XPERIENCE”.

Q: C4 seems to have set the standard for what wrestling fans want. Where do you go from here?
A: That’s easy, we KEEP giving the wrestling fans what it is they want and expect out of a wrestling show. Our main goal is to get sponsorships, possibly a partnership, so we are able to get out on the road. We want to reach out to our fans so they too can feel what the WXW-C4 EXPERIENCE is all about. But until that day, which I feel WILL happen, we dominate the local market on 2 cable systems, Blast TV on our website, and NOW…ROKU!

Q: Finally, any last thoughts you’d like to share with the C4 nation and the world?
A: If you’re reading this and haven’t seen our show please try to make time and see the fresh new alternative to currently televised wrestling.  We promise you nothing but good wrestling action, from stars of yesterday, today, and tomorrow…

We also reached out to a longtime member of WXWC4, commentator The Bald Guy, and he offered this simple statement:
“It’s the C4 Xperience. We’re bringing you the best of the best, old and new world styles together, entertaining wrestling fans around the world and we are proud and honored that our fans, our C4 nation, is standing with us! We really have the best fans of any organization today”.

The message is plain and simple to not only the C4 Nation but to the wrestling fans around the world, WXWC4 is certainly the up and coming force changing that face of professional wrestling and clearly, wrestling fans WORLDWIDE, are tuning in and LOVING their C4 Xperience!

So what are you waiting for? Check out WXWC4 on ROKU, at and come along for the ride…and LIVE the XPERIENCE…
The C4 Xperience!