Who “chair shot” Afa. Jr.?

Who Chairshot Afa Jr?
One of the biggest mysteries of the 1980’s TV shows was “Who Shot JR?”  Similarly, WXW C-4 has its own mystery on their hands: Who chairshot Afa Jr?

Several months ago, Afa Jr was taken out of action and title contention at the hands of a mysterious attacker, one who was smart enough to make sure he attacked from behind and when the cameras weren’t rolling. Since then, a masked man has appeared on the scene, interfering in matches, again costing Afa Jr the WXW C-4 Ultimate World Heavyweight Championship opportunity in a match against Bo Nekoda.

Some fans quickly speculated that this masked man was Mike Valentino, but that wasn’t the case since the masked man would later interfere on Valentino’s behalf in a match against the current C-4 Champion Lance Anoa’i.

A tag team main event was made for September 5th, pitting Lance & Afa Jr against Valentino and the masked man, but until then, we can only speculate on who might be the man behind the mask.  Here are some likely (and some not so likely) candidates…

Danger Jameson: If you were at the latest event in Sunbury, you would know that Danger Jameson issued an open challenge to anyone in the arena, and gave his all against Gene Snitsky. Don’t let WXW C-4’s resident stuntman’s antics fool you: could he be pulling off his biggest stunt yet by targeting Afa Jr?

Alexander James: The “Young Lion” hasn’t been seen since his short run with the Heavyweight Title… or has he?  Could he have masterminded a plan to take Afa Jr out of title picture in order to take back his place at the top of the ladder of contention?

Havoc: The Puerto Rican Terror has a long history of feuding with Afa Jr. dating back to the original WXW promotion run by Afa’s father.  We haven’t seen Havoc in C-4 for some time, but he could have been lying low, waiting for the right time to strike. Additionally, after Afa Jr returned from the ambush, he vowed to go through the locker room to find the assailant. What better way to avoid detection than by not even being in the locker room at the time?

Sgt. RJR: The once proud patriotic military man is now a little, how should we say, unhinged. He’s recently adopted a new philosophy in the ring under the guidance of Connor Claxton.  RJR was a former tag team partner of Valentino’s, so it would make perfect sense that RJR is once again teaming with his former ally.

Damian Adams: This talented grappler came back to Allentown for a match, and then vanished into thin air, just like his “Illusionist” moniker suggests. But could he be hiding behind a mask as some magicians do?  He has a little-known additional connection, because he is the one who trained Valentino’s “new Niya” Deonna, and maybe he’s been involved all along in part of Valentino’s mind games.

Jordan Ali: Who?  The guy had one match.  Exactly.  Long-time viewers of professional wrestling should realize that sometimes a superstar wrestles once or twice, and then comes back a few months later, only under a whole new identity.  Just look at Yokozuna, who had a dark match in WWE as a Samoan before reemerging as a Sumo champion. What if this mystery man is somebody we, and Afa Jr., would never see coming?

Eric Shaffer: We’re kidding, right?  Wrong.  If you’ve been around the seemingly mild-mannered photographer long enough, you’ve undoubtedly heard some of his stories. He claims to be a former Hardcore Champion of a now defunct promotion in South Philly (no, not the one you’re thinking of).  He also tells the tale of the time he took three chairshots to the head at the ECW Arena.  It’s no secret he’s a big fan of masked wrestling, has a collection of masks, and was once suspected to be the masked Silver Shadow in the original WXW in Hazleton.  Shaffer went out of his way to make sure fans knew he won’t be in attendance on September 5th … or will he?  Shaffer rarely misses a show…  If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what possible motive could he have?  There is one, believe it or not.  For the past two years, WXW’s Hall of Fame inductees have included Doc Daniels and Scott Matthews. So when it came time for the announcement of the last entrant in this year’s class, Shaffer was a logical choice to follow suit as a long-time member of the broadcast and production team. Instead, the last entrant was announced as… AFA JR!  Could this have fueled a jealous rage and sparked a feud?  Has he finally gone off the deep-end and joined the ranks of the announcers who have turned into evil managerial maniacal geniuses?  Nah, he’s actually written this article just to prove a point that Afa Jr.’s mysterious assailant could be anyone, and you had better be in attendance at WXW C-4 on September 5th at Mountainville Hall for further developments!