Wild Samoan Training Center Advanced Training Seminars

The Wild Samoan Professional Wrestling Training Center in Allentown, PA is proud to present a series of Saturday seminars open to current students, enrolled advanced students, and independent wrestlers who are interested in expanding their expertise on a variety of specific topics.

Due to the abundance of under qualified individuals running “schools” and “training centers” the landscape of professional wrestling has drastically taken a turn for the worse. Many matches are now devoid of basic match psychology and many wrestlers lack the ability to provide proper safe wrestling matches.

Our passion for this sport is the heartbeat of what drives our training center. Under the guidance and direction of three-time WWE tag team champion and world renowned professional wrestling instructor Headshrinker Samu Anoa’i, the Wild Samoan Professional Wrestling Training Center PA campus is excited to launch a special series of training day opportunities to fit specific needs.

We are opening our gym doors for the first time ever to any previously trained wrestler who has a desire to better their craft.

Our first four seminars will feature: Wrestling like a Giant, The Art of Tag Team Wrestling, Working the Stick, and Televised Wrestling.


Wrestling like a big man is an art unto itself. Samu spent years being one of and working with actual giants of the sport including Andre, Umaga, and Yokozuna. Within the past fifteen years wrestlers have gotten smaller and smaller and training centers lack the knowledge or the experience to know how to build monsters. We will work with the big guys to teach you how to walk, how to talk, how to act, and how to wrestle like the giants you are.


There is no family who understands and dominates tag team wrestling like the world famous Anoa’i Samoan Wrestling Dynasty. Samu is a 3 time WWE tag team champion and built his name as a part of some of the most popular tag teams to ever step into the ring. Samu will share the family secrets to becoming a well oiled tag team machine.


There is more to cutting a promo than rambling on with a microphone. Samu will share examples of what to do and what not to do to utilize your time cutting in ring and backstage promos. There will be video examples and live exercises. The philosophy and history of the promo will also be discussed as will the required elements to cutting an effective promo.


Whether you know it or not, there is a very distinct difference between wrestling for live house shows and wrestling for television. Learn the differences from Samu, who was a part of the very first WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW and has appeared on various forms of television for several promotions. Samu is also the President/CEO of WXWC4, a wrestling promotion that has been aired on television for 4 years in the Lehigh Valley.

For years outsiders have been begging to walk through the doors of the Wild Samoan Training Center; we now feel we owe the professional wrestling community the opportunity to fill in the gaps to become better wrestlers. We also intend to use these advanced training seminars to scout out new talent to use in WXWC4.

Scheduling of these seminars will be determined based on interest so please email <a href=”mailto:greatsamu@aol.com”>greatsamu@aol.com</a> to help us get everything rolling. Wrestling needs saved and it is up to us to HELP get it done.