10967190_10153128851277147_1915253851_oWrestling fans,
WXWC4 is proud to announce another breakthrough for BLAST! TV.

Beginning next month, fans around the world will be able to view our flagship program, BLAST! TV each and every week via Roku TV! Roku TV streaming devices are available worldwide at various electronic retailers and offer a great alternative to traditional cable television.

What’s ROKU?

It is a FREE online streaming service (equipment required: ROKU Streaming Stick or Streaming player) and you can view it on that big screen TV in your living room. If you need a FREE ROKU account, or if you already have one, simply click here: ROKU Sign up/Sign in

This additional media outlet for WXWC4 allows millions of fans that may not have access to our programming on Service Electric Cable TV and Blue Ridge Communications to live the C4 XPERIENCE and keep up with the latest developments each and every week on BLAST! TV.

We are very excited to be able to showcase the XPERIENCE and intensity of BLAST! TV to fans near and far by using the latest in streaming technology via Roku TV.

While the best way to experience WXWC4 will always be at our live events, we continue to find new innovative ways to deliver our one of a kind brand of sports entertainment to as many fans as possible. Keep an eye on WXWC4.com for more breaking news in the future, as we get closer to the huge event, CUPID’Z TRIANGLE, on February 7th, in Allentown at Mountainville Memorial Hall. You can get your tickets in advance at the WXWC4 Shop or at Anastasi’s Pizza, located at 757 St. John St. Allentown, PA.

Get ready for the C4 XPERIENCE. Get ready for BLAST! TV on Roku TV.
Get ready to join the XPERIENCE of CUPID’Z TRIANGLE, February 7th!