WXWC4 is very proud to announce the return of the XPERIENCE to Sunbury!

On July 25, WXWC4 will be live at the Sunbury Ice Rink and community pool for a live television taping.

And with a special thanks to the Spreading Antler Children’s Foundation, all kids 10 and under will be able to swim at the pool with an all day pass for FREE. WXWC4 superstars will be in and out all day long to meet and greet with the children.

WXWC4 is also offering children, 10 and under, FREE ADMISSION with a paid adult.

Bell time will be at 7 p.m. and the door will open at 6 p.m.

“We are so happy to return to Sunbury,” WXWC4 CEO Headshrinker Samu said.

“We are proud of the relationship we built in the city of Sunbury and we are proud to be able to provide quality family entertainment.”

Adults will be able to sit back, relax and even have a beer during the show as various adult beverages will also be served.

“We are trying to provide something for everyone,” Samu said. “We are excited to showcase our talent across the globe on WXWC4.com, and ROKU.”

WXWC4 is also going to be releasing a list of various towns across Central Pennsylvania in which fans will be able to see the live action that the WXWC4 XPERIENCE delivers.

“The fan demand for the C4 xperience has been strong so we here at C4, have been out hitting the streets and meeting with city officials to deliver what our fans want, what they expect…the C4 XPERIENCE” Samu said.  “We will be able to provide a list of where fans will be able to see WXWC4 action in your area, in the very near future.”

Appearing on the July 25 show Former 3 time WWF / WWE Tag Team Champion Headshrinker Samu. FMR, WWE SUPERSTARS  GENE -its not my fault- SNISKY, also FROM THE LEGACY & SAMOAN DYNASTY MEMBER “MANU”  and ALL YOUR WXWC4 SUPERSTARS….

You really dont want to miss this night of fun and family entertainment.

Come and witness the C4 Xperience.

Advanced tickets will be available today  at www.wxwc4.com/shop via pay pal for only $12.00

stay tuned to www.wxwc4.com for outlets to be named shortly.