WXWC4 sets up GoFundMe fundraiser

Hello to all of our friends and fans, this is Samu Anoai. I’m here representing WXW-C4 wrestling. We are here trying to raise money for various necessities in order to enhance the C4 experience both for fans and our hard working talent.

We are in desperate need of show related equipment, such as a suitable ringside camera, speakers for our arena sound, a new entrance for our talent, a Heavyweight Championship Belt to recognize our champion proudly, and a personalized canvas to showcase our brand. Again this is all to enhance the WXW- C4 experience for our fans around the world and talent alike. WXW-C4 is a wrestling promotion run out of Allentown, Pa where we do monthly tv tapings for a weekly aired program on 4 cable channels as well as ROKU. If you’re a non wrestling related business we will proudly promote and advertise those working with us to make these much needed improvements. We will advertise you and your company/ team, or birthday/ milestone announcements as well. This could be a great partnership for many other reasons also. Anyone with a donation over $50 will get mentioned and recognized for their contribution on Blast TV weekly for 3 months. If that’s not advertising bang for the buck I don’t know what is. Anyone looking for a longer lasting partnership we also need platinum sponsors. Anyone donating $500 or more will be advertised on our weekly tv show, (via 30 second commercial) for an entire year as well as your logo on posters/ flyers, a banner ad of your choice placed in our arenas during our Live TV taping events. We appreciate your support for the much needed equipment! 

Thank you for reading we hope to hear from you soon… 

Samu Anoa’i