WXWC4 to rebrand television production: BLAST TV


WXWC4 announces branding change to Allentown, Pa. based television production

WXWC4 has announced that it is planning on rebranding its iconic television show, currently knows as Blast TV, to simply, the C4 XPERIENCE.

Now you may be thinking to yourself “why” or “what’s the big deal”?

Well, we thought the same things so we decided to go right to the man in charge, WXWC4 Owner and C.E.O. Samu Anoa’i.

“If there is anything that we know, workers and fans alike, is that the entertainment of professional wrestling is ever changing, ever evolving.  Our product here at WXWC4 has grown and evolved and we believe that rebranding “Blast TV” to the “C4 XPERIENCE”  is an important step in following through and showing that all aspects of our product will continue to grow and   evolve” said Mr. Anoa’i.

Mr. Anoa’i continued to say “We here at WXWC4 are committed to delivering, to our worldwide fan base, the best of professional wrestling and has always been, and will remain, at the forefront of this every changing part of the entertainment world”.

WXWC4’s BLAST TV is currently produced in Allentown, Pennsylvania which is also the hometown for the well respected and world famous WILD SAMOAN TRAINING CENTER.

Blast TV/C4 XPERIENCE is currently viewed on Service Electric and Blue Ridge Cable systems, TOP RATED wrestling on ROKU and available via WXWC4.com.